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I am a physicist and engineer who builds instruments to study the universe, and I believe that humanity's future in space lies in strong, open international collaboration.


I am interested in the development of astronomical instrumentation at many wavelengths to expand what is scientifically and observationally possible. Many great discoveries in science came after an advance in the avaiable technology for experimentation or observation, and I enjoy working on the edge where I can push science forward. I am currently working as a Detector Engineer at the European Southern Observatory developing Infrared Detector Systems for the Very and Extremely Large Telescopes.

  • Fullname: Dr. Elizabeth M. George
  • Job: Detector Engineer
  • Website: http://lizin.de
  • Email: egeorge@eso.org
  • Publications: via Google Scholar

A much abbreviated CV.

I've been working in astronomial instrumenation for my entire adult life. Here you'll find the most recent labs and workplaces.

Work Experience

Detector Engineer

February 2017 - Present

European Southern Observatory

I am developing optical/infared detector systems and comprehensive models of astronomical detectors for instruments on ESO's Very and Extremely Large telescopes.

Postdoctoral Researcher and Instrument Scientist

April 2014 - January 2017

Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics

Working in the Infrared group, I completed an upgrade of optics in the SPIFFI spectrometer and served as the instrument scientist working on the development of the new imager/spectrometer ERIS for the Very Large Telescope in Paranal, Chile.

Education and Fellowships

Director's Fellow

July 2018 - present

MIT Media Lab

I've been working together with the Media Lab's Space Exploration Initiative, in the context of this fellowship that aims to address pressing issues through the lens of civic engagement, social change, education, and creative disruption.

PhD Physics

December 2013

Univerisy of California, Berkeley

I worked in the Experimental Cosmology Lab on the South Pole Telescope. I worked on the design, testing, and deployment of the SPT-sz and SPTpol receivers, as well as analysis of the resulting cosmological data. I developed cryogenic Transition Edge Sensors (TESes) with frequency domain multiplexing (fMUX) for SPT.

MA Physics

May 2011

University of California, Berkeley

Completed as an integrated part of my PhD program.

BS Physics

June 2008

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Physics major with focused work in astronomy, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering. Bachelor thesis completed in Experimental physics in the Quanta Lab with Prof. Isaac Chuang.


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